Need help upgrading stock fuel system (in bay)

Hey all, new to the group and working on my 1992 RS little by little.

Im having a fuel leak from where the metal line is coming out of the fire wall & meets the rubber line going to the fuel filter.

Id like to go ahead and upgrade the top end fuel system, but not sure what all ineed or if theres a walk through somewhere. Ive done the manual swap and just upgraded to the b1 intake mani, and sk2 throttle body + OBD2 valve cover to reroute my PCV.

But this is my first build so im learning as i go. Any help would be appreciated on what i need to upgrade my stock fuel filter, lines in the bay only, and rail. Is theres a peferred kit? And any videos would be helpful on the upgrade.

I was looking at a cheap option, bull boost performace had a kit for about $100 without the filter. But do i need anything else to make this upgrade thats not painfully obvious?

Also, unrelated, any idea why, since my manual swap was done, my key wont come out of the igntion unless i dosconnect the battery?