need help with b20b4

i just bought a 90 intgra with a b20b4 already swapped in. I bought it from a salvage sale so i dont know any thing about it other than its pretty fast theres no aftermarket parts on it besides a kn filter and im new to hondas so if you fellers could tell me how to build some ponies on a tight budget and :think: mabe where to find some hidden horses it would be apprecciated and also what parts could i swap for more power :think:

well if it has a/c rip it out less power robbed from the motor. advance your timing, only other free things I can think of. but like any other car maybe you can open up the exhuast a little ,good set of tires ,light weight wheels, high flow cat, maybe a b&m fuel regulator.

iv took off ac it got gsr wheels i put a apc muffler on it iv also put in tach which doesnt help performance but does help me and theres only 1 bolt in the distributer it on the top the other two dont line up :rockon:

Dont take out your ac unless your looking for weight savings, it will not add to or free up any power, the ac compressor has a clutch in it so the pully spins freely unless the AC is on, and I believe that hondas disengadge that clutch at WOT anyways, so your only loosing power when your not putting your foot in it.

Do not advance your timing, you will see maybe 1-2 HP gains, possibly harm your motor in the process and have to buy premium gas…waist of time and money for nothing.

Things that would really help on a b20, id if it came with the b18a manifolds on it, take them off and replace them with aftermarket ones, or better oem ones…but that is expensive…

I would agree with the tires though because a good set of tires will help overall feel and handling of the car dramaticly if you have crappy ones now

Hmmm that situation with your dizzy sounds unsafe, are you sure your not using a vtec one or somthing?

no vtec head for sure mabe a vtec dist and im not sure about the intake mani its long and tall if that tells you anything i just want to build a daily driver and drag on the weekend or when ever i can pick a race but what parts can i swap for power besides the head and what aftermarket parts would help the most beside exaust and cold air intake thanx :burnout:

Well depending on how much money you want to put into it…I would say next would be pistons and cams after bolt ons. that would speed it up alot :wink:

I have a lightweight flywheel on mine, which doesnt really add power, it may have freed some up but it makes it feel better and funner to drive :smiley:

well maybe you could find a type r flywheel it is a little lighter than stock, don’t think that is too expensive used.acceleration would be a little for advancing timing ,yeah forgot to add you will need to use higher octane to prevent pinging. it does help a for taking out a/c little less weight does help but you might have to take out alot to see any signifcant gains.but every bit helps.proper maintinance is always good too.maybe check your o2 sensor fouled ones can hurt performance of the motor.have fun.