Need help with diagnosing sound!

I’ve searched over and over but didn’t really run into anything that fit my problem.

Theres an odd grinding-ish sound coming from the front driverside(i think). It happens when I turn and put the wheel back straight, hit bumps while going(no matter the speed or how the wheel is turned) and when I’m taking a wide turn like an offramp or something. It sounds like if something was grinding like rocks or pieces of metal tubing. I noticed the other day while I was changing my oil that a cv boot was torn. But everything I’ve read says its a knocking sound if it the axles. What about rocks, sand, dirt getting in there? Could this produce this kind of sound that would be that loud to where I can hear it when my window is rolled up? Sorry if some of this doesn’t make sense I’ve been staring at the computer for the last 4 hrs.

Any help would be appreciated.

One of my friends had this same problem, turned out to be the wheel bearing.

Check those and see if they’re bad or not