Need help with ES bushing install

I just need to know if the outer tie rod and ball joint bushings go over the existing bushing or do I have to take out the old bushing. Thanx.

They’re not really bushings, just dust boots. But I wouldn’t put them over he stock rubber one. The stock on uses a circlip to hold it on, the ES ones are held in by the parts being bolted together. I removed the stock one when I did it.

If the oem ones are not cracking, just leave it… they are more durable than the ES boots…

Dont use them unless the stock ones are busted. Mine got busted when pressing in my front lower balljoints is the only reason i used them, the stock ones hold a lot better chance of keeping your front lower ball joints in good order than the ES ones do. I ordered new OEM ones to replace the temp. ES ones to be honest, they just dont look like they’ll do a good anough job.

Thanx. I plan on changing the whole front end this sunday.

No problem. Good luck on your install, it ended up taking me a week to get the whole front end done due to the LCA bushing being a complete bitch and lack of time… I’d say 2-3 days if you work real hard on it and got anough time, maybe 1 if you’re real motivated.

My friend had a oxy acetilene torch + shop press, which helped me a LOT though, or i’d probably still be working on it.