need help with head swap

I just got a new short block but I have to swap heads, my first question is should I use my old head gasket and bolts or do I have to get new? If I have to get new does any one have any laying around?

You need a new head gasket but you can reuse the head bolts.

wont they stretch, I heard they cant be re-used. I cant really afford new ones but I just want to make sure its ok to use them. have you re-used them before?

I’m pretty sure it’s not a good idea to reuse head bolts, especially if they’ve been used for a while. They have a pretty good amount of stress on them, so it at least seems like a good idea to swap them out. I think it’s worth the extra expense because new bolts are cheap insurance.

where can I get some ?

what kinda tool do I need to torque the head bolts, how do you know what to torque them to and etc…

You need a torque wench. And you need a book.