Need help with leak!

OK I had a oil leak for a while and I decided to get under the car to check it out. It turns out almost all my bolts on my oil pan were loose! I could actually hand tighten them. I was amazed. I tightened them all to specs and my leak was gone for a couple of days. I looked under my car today and saw another leak. I jakced my car up and got under it. It has a green tint to it but looks like oil on my hand and smells like it too. Is is coolant? It looks as if its coming form my A/C compresser. I was thinking water pump, but there is nothing dripping or leaking from that area. Also my powersteering has been going low and I have to fill it up every week? could it be power steering fluid. I am completly stumped because I cant find out what it is. Any help would be appreciated. thanks.

BTW- My coolant is topped off and I have never had to feel it up since I have had the car. So I dont think it could be the water pump, but it has a green tint. Damnit I dont know what it is. Anybody??

Your green fluid maybe R-134 if it coming from the compressor it smells like oil and has a green tint