NEED Help with Msd cap and coil!!!

Have a 90 Ls teg and i bought a new msd modifyed cap with the blaster high vibration coil cuz my car wouldnt start and i know its not the module cuz i replaced that recently any way i dont have a clue how to hook it up i mean the coil becasue i have to mount that somewhere and also how do i get my +and- wire from the old internal coil to reach the external +and- cuz inside of that cap the wire is very short and i dont know why its like this could someone please help me.

Remove your old coil from your distributor and attach extend the two coil wires out through the gromet of the distributor to your new Blaster coil. Then attach the coil spark wire from the Blaster coil to the 5th (coil) post of your modified cap and re-attach the cap to your distributor.