need help with my temp problem.

its a story so please be nice.
this is the problem i’ve been trying to solve for a week now. b16 with hondata s100. new head gasket, oil pump, water pump, etc for basic maintenance. after having the car dyno and tune at the shop. the car put out about 147@ wheel stock with 105 lbs. after couple of days when i drive at street temp goes up to hot but when i drive at highway temp at normal. check coolant and i have droplets of oil in it. after talking with couple of people including xdep they claim it might be the head gasket. replace and rebuilt headgasket yesterday and today i started noticing temp is going back at hot when im driving at the street and back no normal when driving at freeway. also check engine light comes on everytime i reach vtec. fan works and im running out of idea. no sign of coolant in the oil after changing it today and still droplets of oil in the coolant. i spend to much money on this car this month and getting frustrated. any idea pls feel free to reply.

check ur thermostat…I kept overheating and did all this work trying to figure out what it was. All it was was my thermostat. check that. As for the oil in the coolant…no idea. Sorry i couldn’t help you w/ anything more.

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thermo is brand new. yesterday afternoon my temp when hot and today drove for about 15 mile or so on street on the way to work and temp is at normal.