need help with swap

Hey does anybody know where I can do a swap in Nor-Cal cause I relly want someone to doit right so I don’t have any headeaches after. Please anybody that will know reply here I will really apreciated.

i do swaps and i live in the bay area. what do you want done,check this out ive done swaps one these cars except the white g2 and the white eg,everything else is my work

for some reason if it doesnt work when you click on it, it will go to a search and type djspintek and click on swapscars there you go.

I want to do a b18c1 with the tranny and all the parts neccesary to have the car running

e-mail me

Email he said he would hook you up… he just dropped a b20 in my teg and it runs great, hes even helped me out with problems that had nothing to do with the motor or swap. we live up in the Roseville area. hes also listed as SiCivic99 on this board

here are some pics of my swap