Need help with tire size

I have a set of polish slips that are 15x7.5. I currently have 195/50r15. I was thinking of going to 205/50r15’s. Can anyone help post pics of what a 205 set up would look like. Have search google and can not see really a good angle. Would like to get tires like next week. Please help. Thank you!!!

Get 205/50 especially on a 7.5inch wheel. 195/50 tire is not recommended on a 7.5inch wheel. 195/50 is not really a good size anyway. It’s too small looking and just doesn’t look right unless you get a high performance tire, and even then most don’t make 195/50 anymore in Max performance tire. So, just get 205/50 or 195/55 which is closer to the diameter of stock.