Need ID on engine

My friend just bought a 91 Integra. Whoever had it before did a swap and it now has a Honda motor in it. Im curious as to the size, stock output, etc. of it but I dont know what it is. If anyone could show me to some pictures of some Honda motors? I know the valve cover is black with white lines and it has a big white H in the center, directly under that it say Honda Motors Inc or something.

Did you check the Engine Code stamped on the front side of the block?

No, if Im facing the engine at the front of the car where exactly is the code?

Every engine is stamped with a code that tells you what model it is.

On the Left Side of the header. its a flat spot you may have to wipe some grease and shit off

FYI Acura is Honda. So all acuras have Honda motors. [simple explanation in lamens terms]

thats exactly what i was thinkin lol

All Acuras have Honda on the valve cover or right nearby or at least all of them that i have seen, Acura is just a fancy honda, kinda like Lexus is to Toyota, and Infiniti is to Nissian

engine from a stock 91 teg, more than likely like the one you are asking about