need info some caliper upgrade

I did some searches and not much info came up. I’m looking for some 2 pot OEM caliper upgrade(if possible).

I’ve read some article that states nsx/legend caliper bolting on to civics and prelude with minimal mod. Thus I’m wondering, can these calipers can fit our DA? Has anyone tried these?

I think quite a few people upgrade to ITR calipers, which are supposedly found on Accord wagons. Could someone clear this up for sure?

as far as i know ITR’s, Accord wagons, and 92-96 Vtec Preludes and 97 on Preludes use the same front breaks. but double check this before banking on it.

ttt will tell you what calipers to use with what rotors for brake upgrades.

I just wanna know what’s the possibility of using legend/nsx brakes on 92-93 GSR. Just Legend or NSX (as they are the only OEM 2 pistons I know). Had anyone tried it?