need more top end power

ok I’m looking forward to getting some more top end power out of my teg… its got the b18a1 with all ebay brand components such as header intake downpipe cat exhaust ect… I bought it this way and looking to swap out w.e will perform better than cheap ebay parts. the exhaust will be swapped out ASAP with a custom skunk2 set up but what else would help with some more power in the top end? I have really good acceleration in low end then it doesn’t carry on after 60mph… any suggestions?


some cams port and polish the head bigger throttle body skunk2 intake mani that would give you some top end power but do you wanna stay non vtec or swap in a vtec head. cuz that would also give you alot of topend power but be kinda spendy and hard to do if you dont know how to do it(not putting your experiance down just saying) but yeah if you are trying to keep your stock engine and want as much power out of it b16 pistons some 404 cams skunk2 intake mani bored out throttle body port and polished head so on so forth, or lsvtec, or just a straight b18c1 swap if you dont wanna do a lsvtec, another great engine if you know what your doing is a b20vtec very strong stronger then a stock b18c-r depending on the head and cams. theres alot of options and different routes also theres always the turbo route or i completely forgot about this a b16 tranny would be a good simple mod with a lightweight flywheel would give you alot more acceleration and your reves will be alot quicker to get into the sweet spot in the b18a1’s power curve

i suggest reading more and more into threads here in this forum. but to contradict what bamm said… a b16 tranny and a lighter flywheel is a great mod, but it kinda kills out ur motor on speed cuz u will top out at about 115 mph or so. not saying u’re gonna be going that fast anywhere, but it is important to know that. it will also have u in higher rpms while on the freeway. if u search on that u’ll get more info about it. but i love that mod and plan to do it to my 4dr soon.

for more top end… ur LS really won’t have that with any of those internals u got on there… research on other possible internal mods u can do, like what others said----- cams, valvetrain, pistons, head work, aftermarket IM, bore out TB, or actually ITB’s would be even better for top end than IM & TB, etc.

the b16 tranny would be very good if you arnt driving on the highway, if you are swap in the ls 5th gear to get you some highway 5th gear crusin and itb’s would be pointless on our engine, its just way to much money way to much hassle for a non vtec low compression fairly shittly flowing head, itb’s would be good on a built vtec motor that you already put alot of money into, you cant just slap on itb’s on your stock b18a1 and expect maaaaaaddddd hp and top end, you will get an increase but you would also need to upgrade your fuel system and a shit load of other stuff, just not worth it, with our engine a good build would be b16 pistons, 404 cams upgraded valvetrain, bored out throttle body, better intake mani, port and polish, upgraded connecting rod bolts head struts so on and so forth, but it would be better if you just used the money to build up a vtec engine in my opinion.


btw… HOLY run on sentence!

A dry 50 shot.
250-300 bucks.
Instant top end power when you need it.

I’m sorry, I thought this was a fourm, not a grammer test, I would be advised on the nitrous, have to refill the tanks every so often. I think its a waist of money in my opinion, but it is a very cost effective power adder for the strip. Not very practical for a dd.

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to me its more of a courtesy to other forum members.

anyways i was just busting your chops…

what kind of header? 4-2-1 or 4-1? A 4-1 header will give you more top end power.

4-1 usually gives u more top end… but it also depends on the quality of the headers too.

… well maybe i should’ve just said do a swap. i was stating all that crap in my post, to hopefully “persuade” him into going with an upgraded motor. and just cuz u think its a waste of money doesn’t mean someone might not want to do it. options is options. and i’ve personally seen some nonvtecs toy with other vtecs in 1/4 mile runs. money spent on the car is money spent on the car…

felixjr18: i suggest putting some known good bolt ons to replace urs. some 4-1 headers would increase top end but you’ll loose some midrange. get some decent 4-2-1 dc headers or something, a short ram intake like aem will give u a bit more on top end as well. u’re already doing the exhaust. you’re doing air mods… so i suggest some fuel mods soon, like injectors with 10-15% more flow. then go a bit more with other air mods like bore out the TB a bit, match port the tb to the IM, and also the IM to the head. a good IM gasket would be sensible. thats kinda the basic (well maybe a bit more). after that look into some head work, and different cams, and building ur block with it too. tuning is extremely important, and don’t skip that.

depending on ur budget, u could also consider a swap, but thats entirely up to u. there is a huge swap guide in the teg tips section, and throughout this forum. do some research and some calling around to some shops. it’ll give u a much better idea of realist costs, and time. and depending on ur capabilities, some work will have to sent out to a shop (like machining). also a swap might cost a bit too if u can’t swap it out yourself. i hope that helps even a lil. $0.02

building a LSVTEC and utilizing a b16 trans with a LS 5th gear or a ITR transmission is the best thing to do. I know it may be frustrating and all to wait to get a setup like that together but you will be more than happy with one DONE RIGHT, in the long run. but as far as right now, get some nice bolt-ons for your motor that will also compliment a LSVTEC setup, i.e. a nice header, a nice intake, full skunk2 exhaust, a nice catalytic converter. I personally wouldn’t waste your money on anything other than that due to the products inability to carry over to a VTEC head.

  but as far as what I feel is your best first bet as a bolt on you should buy today, well, that would be to get a nice header, preferably a 4-1 in anticipation for a LSVTEC for and for higher end power with that b18a1/b1. you can get any header you want, some are just harder and more complicated to get in and out. but as a minimum, you will want to buy a quality header and I guarantee you that you will be really happy with the performance, the fit, and the longevity of the product over that eBay thing you have now.

  after that, buy yourself a nice AEM V2 intake. they are nice!

fuel mods are not necessary until you get above 200hp, to the wheels. those injectors you have will tune quite well and will support 220hp with no problem. you wont reach 200hp anytime soon, believe me. if you want to boost, sure, injectors are a good idea, in fact recommended, but not until then.

and no, please stick with a 62mm TB or less, only after you get a VTEC head and a aftermarket intake manifold, i.e. skunk2, edelbrock. and believe it or not, they already have a 64mm opening, meaning no boring, so, no money wasted there!! and again, going to a bigger TB with a stock intake, small header, and a stock head isn’t gonna do a damn thing for you.

stick to my previous post and you will be happy, tomorrow. just remember this, “what is good for tomorrow, today isn’t good for tomorrow, tomorrow”.

ok thank for everyone’s replies they were very helpful… as far as this car seeing high speeds that is very possible considering we have a track (drag) just a couple miles away that we go to during the spring/summer so I’m trying to get it ready for that plus remain reliable for daily driving being that at the moment this is my only car… I’ve been on this site for a while now jus didn’t have the time to sign up so I’ve been reading jus like to get new input… as far as injectors and intake mani isn’t that pretty much pointless on a bolt on set up such as mine? first need to get rid on this ebay header back system that’s on now… what brands are recommended for DA’s same goes for the cat? like I said I’ve got the skunk2 cat back ready this spring so that’s off my list… and I thought short ram intakes are more for low end power and cold for high end? ls/vtec is not in my books being that if I screw it up I’m car less and will not have the funds to get a motor on top of that build… but what vtec motors would be cheap to get my hands on and how much are we talking? I called my local tuner shop (slowmotion motorsports) and they said a jdm b16 would be a good motor but everyone was ready to chop my head off when I mentioned it and I’ve see what they build and trust me there cars are sweet… anyways haha… if I upgrade my cams on my stock motor will I see any difference because from previous threads people say you won’t on a bolt on set up and with what I wanna do/have to do I need every penny in the right place to keep a smile on my face… also not a big fan of bosch and I also have there plug wires, I kinda wanna switch to NGK or OEM would it be worth it or jus leave it? thanks for your guys help its like a big family in here hahaha…

I finally decided after some research on doing my exhaust and headers then a b16 tranny swap wat do you guys think…

good plan.