Need Motor Help!!

ok, so here is the situation…i think my motor is pretty much shot…anyways, i’m probably just gonna rebuild it, so i was just wondering if y’all had ideas/opinions on what i should do…i want to rebuild with aftermarket parts, but not sure what i’d need…as you can see i have no idea what to do, so any help would be fricken awesome!:ok:

hmm, wonder what motor you have, hmm

oh, sorry…92 ls

You want to go turbo or all-motor?

all motor

stroke it

Yeah buddy!!! I want the 87mm bore sleeves with the Crower stroker kit…mmmm.

i got the one with the stock bore and 95mm crank, je pistons,crower rods, paired it up with 62404 cams, titanium retainers and dual springs with the crower adj. cam gears… purrrrrrrrr… love it!!

The 404’s are fairly aggressive, aren’t they? I thought about doing that setup with the Crane 232/250’s…I love those cams. Does that much stroke cause vibration issues with no counterbalance shaft?