Need oil pan bolt torque spec please

Just need someone with a manual handy to tell me the spec for the drain bolt…left mine at home :smiley:

Bah… you don’t need a torque. I’ve always just done it up by hand and snugged 'er down with the wrench :crazy:

But anyway, the book says 33 ft/lbs.

i vote 33 is way too tight…Yes it is correct, that’s what the manual says, but I really wouldn’t go more than 20. when you strip the threads on your first oil pan, you’ll understand why…

Well since im an idiot and didnt use a new washer, its leaking, and i dont want to replace the 20 bucks worth of mobil one to replace the washer, so I just wanted a baseline of how tight was to tight to get it to stop leaking, thanks for the quick help

just pull out the plug really fast & stuff a rag in teh hole, put the washer on the plug, pull the rag & quickly put the plug back in. You might loose 1/4 quart at most. It’s worth it, dude…You don’t want to strip your pan…it’ll cost alot more than 1/4 quart of oil & a washer.

Or here is a thought so you don’t make a mess.

Get a clean and/or new drain pan, and a clean and/or new funnel. Drain good oil, put washer on, put bolt & washer back in, tq to 20+ and pour good oil back in. No waste, and less mess.

33 is indeed too high. I stripped my oil pan this way.