Need Opinion on Front Lip

Well, some of you may know that I modified a 94 Accord front lip in the CTR style. Unfortunetly I broke the lip being stupid. Now I really like the front lip but I had two problems with it. It was way too low, I wasn’t able to have the front wheel gap as low as I really wanted. And I couldn’t find a set of good sideskirts that would match up with the height other than the ww rs sides but their hard to find and didn’t want to spend the money.

So…i’ve had a set of ek sides that I modified to the car before I bought that lip. I really like the way the sides look on the DA, but they are to small to go with any lips out there except stock. So, I found a piece of wall molding hanging around the house…i know it’s ghetto but I’m thinking it may work if I get a black one, just as an insight my house is basically on a hill and the stock bumper scratches the driveway unless i come in at an extreme angle. This stuff is very flexable and the adhesive on the back is very strong…i’m just not sure how I feel about it

old ctr lip


the ek side thats on is a trash one, just using it as a trial and error skirt, and I did a shitty job of cutting the lip

Honestly, the molding looks a bit ricey…

But I like the side skirt idea, thought about it myself, but I am going a different route. :up:

yea that’s what I figured, I was thinking about it and realized that I wouldn’t be able to paint it anyway with the flex it gives. I’m really just looking for something to hold me off till I can find a real ww rs kit. I’m not into the fiberglass knockoffs. Actually, I wouldn’t mind the kaminari front bumper if it wasn’t fiberglass also. I just have this thing about having sideskirts and front bumpers at a different height, i bothers me. Idk, I guess I’ll go back to the stock front lip and ek sides. Thanks bro I’ll leave this up for anyone that wants to use the idea

Oh…and by the way I wasn’t going to leave it the flat look, I was going to try and heat it up and mold it around the ctr lip thats broken to give it that look, but It won’t say in the molded position

I’ve seen the 90-91 oem lip over the 92-93 stock lip. It did look bad except that the OEM 90-91 lip did line up at the fender wells. It was about 1" short on each side.
I’ve also seen a JDM 96+ Integra OEM lip over the stock lip and that looked almost like a JDP lip made out of rubber but was about ane 1" shorter in hight. Those should line up with the EK side skirts. There are pics on this board of both. But even if I find them, I wouldn’t be able to post it. I’m using a proxy service to post while at work.
I kinda understand how you feel about the front and sides being a different hight. It really erkzs me when it’s only the front lip and no sides or rear. Or front and sides and no rear. It’s tolerable in some instances.
checked out the lip thread… you might get some ideas.

I say go Kaminari, they are super strong, I haven’t had any problems with mine. And the height is Barely lower than my stock bumper. It just sits out further, but I haven’t dragged it on anything yet. I am doing the OEM Aero Kit on the sides and rear tonight, so we’ll see how that looks with the Kaminari.

^^Shit I forgot about the jdm typer front lip. I saw a picture of it a while back, I think he said It fit up to the bumper pretty easily. I have to run to the junkyard though to pick up another stock front lip anyways, I lost all my clips and stuff during my move. But damn to I wish I could afford a real ww kit. Would help if there were some more aftermarket lips for the DA other than the TypeR that everyone has

doesnt the 94-97 accord front lip fit for our cars ?

I had the 94-97 accord lip on my 90 front bumper

^^That’s what the CTR front lip from the accord is on my car in the last picture. It just sat way to low, I couldn’t get into my driveway so I had to raise the front of the car about an inch and a half to do it…and I got a lot of shit for that lol

did you need to do any modifications?

Yea you have to cut a few inches off both sides and heat the lip up to mold it to the shape of the bumper. Theres a few threads on here about how to do it, and some pics of my process in another.

Alright everyone, I was kinda expecting more flame for this one…lol. The lip is actually a joke. I was working on my ek sides and was testing stuff out with the shitty one. My friend took a piece of house molding from my garage and put it on, I thought it was funny so I took a picture to see how much flame I would get just for laughs. :rimshot: But who know maybe someone will find a way to make it look good

I was just trying not to make you cry. :loser: j/k

lol…I know if I posted it on Honda-Tech it would have been 10 pages in of flame in the first hour