Need part number for OEM fan switch for radiator fans

I need to get the part numbers for the OEM fan switch(es) for OEM Radiator/Cooling fans.

They had been acting up for a while and killing my battery constantly. I was told it was the fan switch(es). Anyone know the part number(s) for it/them?

I’ve been on for an hour looking and can’t find the damn thing.

also, what’s pricing on them? I searched here for a while, too, and found nothing relevant.

Try searching again and looking under the section of the water pump…

i found these part numbers on acura parts wearhouse

37760-P00-003 (A-93) nippon thermostat $36.05

37760-P00-004 (A-93) uchiya $36.05

91307-PN3-000 Oring $1.03

Jake I think you might have the same problem as I do. My fans will stay on hours after I turn my car off and I have no clue why. Good thing I have an optima battery other wise I would be going through batteries like crazy. If anyone knows the problem PLEASE do share.

Whenever that happens, just stick the key in the ignition, turn it one click then turn it back and pull the key out… that should stop the fan… works for me.

Your ECT switch shouldn’t cause that problem, the radiator fan control module does not allow the fan(s) to run with the car off if only the ECT switch is telling it the engine is warm. It’s the oil temp switch that tells the fans to run w/ the car off.

I suggest you check your helms manual so that you fully understand all of the fan wiring before you start buying parts. you should easily be able to test all the components and find your problem.

Colin, the man with the plan. Got a part number on that? I’ll likely end up replacing all of the above, anyway. Time for a new thermostat, etc. anyway. So, might as well just do it all at once.

up… part number? i’m having a hard time finding the part number from

its either replace the parts, or I’m gonna wire a toggle switch to this thing so I can just simply kill power to it when I turn the car off. I don’t really want to do that, but I need this problem fixed really soon.

acuraoemparts sucks from my experience on their website… or maybe I’m just used to And the part number was already posted in the first response to your question.


When searching on that website look in the “Water Pump” category.
List $48.85
Discount price $36.64

Remember, that is the 92+ part number, the 90-91 has a different switch and it’s located in a different place. I linked to the 92 part because your profile says you have a 92.

I wouldn’t buy a replacement until you do all the proper troubleshooting (as outlined in your Helms manual). I’ve personally never seen an ECT switch go bad, but obviously it’s possible.