Need people help on a price for my car PLEASE Givea reply

Ok im thinking of selling my 90 integra it has 150,000 miles on it the outside is in perfect shape with Exhaust, euros, clear corners, full Kombat body kit, and decalls. The interior is completly customised with seat covers front and back racing floor matts, almost everything in the car is painted red or white to go with the car new peddles, shifter, a JVC sterio w/remote, 2 Kicker XPL 500 continuous watt subs, a Legacy 4 way amp (1000 watts max). The kelly blue book on my car is $ 3,510 but thats not includeing all the other stuff like kit and all, i have about $4,500-$5,000 into it, but anyway please give me your relply it would help alot, also what about trying to sell on here? I live in Louisiana. Thanks alot

modded cars don’t sell for much more than un-modded cars. Thats why by modding a car you are basically loosing money (but we do it cause its fun, not to make money).

you may be able to find someone who’ll pick it up for $5k, it sorta depends on your area and what stuff people are into, if people aren’t into all that flashy stuff then its not worth anything to them - but if they like the flashy stuff then someone may jump on it. I know my old town G2’s are hot as hell right now, they sell for way higher than i’d ever consider buying one for.