need some help with power window

So I just bought a 92 ls, got an amazing deal… one of the setbacks was this car was hit in the driverside door then fixed… according to the guy I bought it from the door was replaced with a crank door, he dident even put a crank on the window… it has a wrench currently instead of a crank… he still has the old trim piece that fits for a power window… he said he couldent have used that with a manual door because they would have had to put a hole through it. I’m not sure what parts I need to make the window power again… also because of this for some reason the passenger power window dosent work at all and he seemed to think some wires need to be connected somewhere… any help with this would be much appreciated. Thanks.


wow… that kinda sux.

I guess you can just get a power window kit for both doors. Re-do both at the same time…