need some info!B18C5 in 92 integra GSR

in looking to drop a 98 spec ITR motor into my 92 integra gsr.i’m planning on selling my longblock but i don’t know what im suppose to keep from the longblock to make my swap easier on me.i am planning to keep my gsr cable trans fpr the swap.thanks in advance for the help guys

keep everything until u have the ITR in and running. makes things easier, cuz u’ll have “spare parts” not sure with a gsr tho, but all the motor mounts should be fine with either one.

if u plan on selling the b17 then getting an itr, i kinda suggest holding off and putting the itr first. u nvr know what can be broken or whatever from the itr.

too bad u aint’ just building ur b17…

what happened to the b17 if u dont mind me asking?

keep the distrib, and sensors off the intake manifold, everything else can pretty much go…

might also wanna check the vtec solenoid. lotta import motors have them broken off

the b17a motor has over 220k on it. Im surprised it still runs very strong when I hit vtec LOL. Would the engine harness from the itr motor plug into my gsr harness?also should I swap my injectors over?

u should keep your crank pulley and your ps pump too! and you need to swap out the drivers side mount. use your gsr harness and u gotta use your injectors unless you get a jumper so you can use obd2 injectors.

so when I post up my motor for sale I just got to keep my engine harness,injectors,crank pulley,and ps pump?thanks guys