Need some info on skunk2 IM and Skunk2 TB on b20/vtec

Im building a b20/vtec with a b16 head.Im planning on buy a Skunk2 pro intake manifold and Skunk2 68mm Throttle body.If I pruchase them to work on b16,how do I set up the map sensor since our g2 map sensor is on the firewall and the b16 map sensor is on the Throttle body?Do I have to mod anything?The Skunk2 Throttle body also doesnt have some coolant hose connections.What do I have to do about that?Has anyone used this setup on a b20/vtec or ls/vtec?:gotpics: Is there another company like blox that has a throttle body that I dont have change anything to make it work?
Thanks for the help

all i did was bypassed the fitv (coolant line) and i had a spare map sensor to plug the hole so i didnt have a vacuum leak. i used the firewall map sensor. mine is on a gsr motor but basically the same. i can take pics if you need them

So FITV was removed and map sensor hole needs to be plugged.Thats it?I dont see any vacuum connections on the Skunk2 throttle body.Can you show me some pics please?

im on lunch break rite now but where the fitv would be is where the map sensor bolts up. ill take pics when i get off.

:up: Thanks for the help dude

map sensor

the hose i pointing to goes from the intake mainfold to the iacv

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get a 3rd gen map.

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Thanks for the pics and info.They really helped.Do you have any idle problems?

nope not at all. the only thing is since the fitv is bypassed you got to hold the rpms to warm up. but i only do that if its cold out.

need some help installing a b20 vetc in my da

i need a guide on how to do the swap and what problems i am going to run in to when its time to put it in.

Awsome.Thanks again for all the info.As for the b20/vtec install,its a direct bolt-up.The only mods you will have to do is the thermo switch mod and of course wire your vtec and thats it.
Heres a link to the thermo switch mod: