need step by step for alternator

can someone please give me a step by step of how to replace the alternator

i cant get it to come out i got the long bolt out the bottom (14mm)
and i got the top one out (12mm) but it wont pudge at all needing some help

here is the story of why i am putting a new alternator in…

so last night while driving i notice my headlights werent so bright so i was like what the fuck tryed to put my high beams on and it took all my dash lighting with it. than my stero started turning on and off wtf than bam car dies while driving it.

so i call my buddy to have him come get me i am like 45 mins away from my hosue he is only 5 mins away from where i am at so he comes to get me

we go to walmaqrt to get a new battery i put the new battery in car works just fine.

on the way home it starts happening again but this time doesnt kill itself the whole way becasue i make it all the way home.

but when driving felt like it does when only running off 2 cycilders

thants why i am replaceing my alternater :slight_smile:

This may help.

Wow that sounds harder than what I did. I went out the top. There are some hoses and a wiring harnesses that run over the top of the engine where the alternator is, move them outta the way ( I think its like two brackets or something that you have to undo). Disconnect the two wires that plug into the cap on the brake master cylinder. Undo the the two nuts that hold the brake master cylinder,the two brake lines, and remove it. Then just unbolt the two bolts on the alternator and out it comes. The alternator comes out kinda hard so you may have to use a pry bar cause its really tight. Then once you got everything put back together then get a friend to pump the brake pedal a few times and hold it. While its held in, crack both the lines and let a little fluid come out to be sure there is no air in the lines then tighten them back up and let the brake pedal go once the lines are tight again. You are gonna lose some brake fluid but its not much.

Bodyguy I need to do this probably today or tomorrow.
I’d appreciate it if you could answer any questions I might have once I get going.

Today I was driving to work and suddenly the radio went silent and the alternator light kept flickering.
I turned off the radio and drove faster and the light went off (more rpms?), but every time I indicated to switch lanes the alt. light started flickering again.
So I stopped indicating.:slight_smile:
Anyway I made it to work thank God.

I’m gonna recharge the batt. so that hopefully I can make it home and work on it there.
I only had alternator changed 2 years ago but due to finances I had to buy a used one with no warranty.
Crap I wish I was able to get one under warranty.
Anyway the guy who changed it for me passed the alternator behind the engine block from the right to the left side.
That way he didn’t have to disconnect the brakes.

This time I have to do it myself though.