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I would like to start off by saying I used the search function as everyone should before asking any questions. I typed in “best suspension” and also did a research on “suspension” and read each one that came up but nothing answered my questions.

With that out of the way here is my question.

I want to totally redo the suspension from the ground up. I want it to be a streetable racing suspension that will give me the best performance. I don’t care about price, what I do care about is performance.

At first I was thinking about Tein because I was told it is the cream of the crop when it comes to performance but on researching on these forums I have read other wise. I read modified magazine and it stated Koni was a great way to go.

My question is, with all I have said what would be the best setup for what I am trying to do?

“Best” is a subjective term. Instead, rank various activities by how important they are. For me, it’s:

  1. Canyoning
  2. Daily driver duty
  3. Looks (scraper low)

I have skunk2 sleeves with the collars set for max ride height, on Koni yellows, with 15" rotas and 205/55 es100 tires. For canyoning its a very predictable setup; pretty stiff with understeer at the limit. I have yet to go to a track day but by that time I’ll have a fatter rear swaybar in.
The ride is intolerable when the freeway gets super bumpy. Round town on city streets most potholes are manageable. As for looks, the car could be lower but I don’t like bottoming out one bit.

Oh yea, these are probably the best shocks money can buy:
Whatever springs you choose will be based on where your priority of things ranks.
Prolly also want to look into revo A arms, SPC LCA, ITR rear swaybar.

thx man,

I will be doing daily driving on it. When I get on my feet a bit more I plan to get a WRX and the integra will be relegated to track days and the odd Sunday drive. I won’t something that I can use on the daily ride and feel comfortable and at the same time be able to handle high speed cornering etc. I want something fun, yet manageable on the daily drive.

Excuse my ignornace but what is SPC LCA?

The red thing, its shorter than the stock arm and alleviates negative camber that comes from lowering your car.

If you have nice roads out in your town it might be different, but my opinion is that a good track car is gonna suck balls on the daily drive. Track requires the ride height to be low, so suspension travel is compromised.

One idea is to set the car up for the time being to be more pothole oriented. Get some konis and have them valved for some mild springs like Eibach sportlines. Mild, or street springs are tall like stock springs and let u raise your car up as high as stock.

The nice thing about koni shocks is that once you are ready, you can have them revalved for a racing setup. Once you get some stiff, short race springs the revalving shop can match the shocks accordingly. Race springs are shorter so suspension travel will be less, but springs are cheap.

thx again man!

I live in South Florida so the roads here are pretty good and the terrain is flat. I will be relocating to Nashville once I graduate (December of this year). The roads there are very good, just crazy hilly.

I want to lower the car but i want it to be about a inch or so above the wheel. I hate really low cars where the tire tucks under the wheel well.

Great advice Scratchy!
Yeah those Koni’s are awesome. I’d also go w/ the custom-valved setup scratchymaster was talkin about. I’ve heard (and always believed) that for the street & occasional “high-spirted driving” (which equates to whippin’ the twisties) that one’s car should be adaqute w/ front & rear upper strut bars, A lower rear tie bar, camber kit all around, & some good springs & shocks. Using adjustable shocks or not is your preferance on street duty cars, but on dual duty, you gotta have it.

Your drop height sounds like you want SPORT springs. These give tipically give you around 1 3/4 to 2" drop. Coilovers are also a good option for you. H&R, Neuspeed, or Eibach are all wonderful & dependable brands.

One mod to consider that I try to put out there is using 88-91 EF Civic shocks instead of the DA ones. They have 1 1/2 inch shorter body than DA shock. This gives more travel & less rebound. (i.e. less bottoming out.) They fit w/ no mods & are perfect for any lowered DA. Another reason to love Honda!
Actually, now that I think of it, you may need to use the front forks from the EF. Search “Hybrid DA Suspension” You’ll find all thre info on it. Good luck on this. Keep us posted.
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I meant to ask you if that is your car in the picture and if so have you ever bottomed out at that height? Also I saw a set of Koni Yellow’s matched with some eibach springs. Is this a good setup? Only thing is I saw they were for the 94’ to 98’ integra. If i used these will I need to do any modifications?

No that is not my car. I just searched for SPC LCA and got that.
Bottom-outs occur mostly on steep driveways. Of course there are some so steep that even a stock g2 will bottom out. I can’t say that a drop of “A” inches is safe and a drop of “B” inches is too much. Just be aware that the more u drop, the more u scrape.

There’s not a whole lot of suspension components interchangeable from a G3 to a G2 integra. Dimensions are different, and the weight of the G3 is much more. If you want best bang for the buck, just wait a little while for someone to sell their koni yellows off their G2 or EF.

If you want you could get them(coni yello) brand new since you say the price dosent bother you much.


from where though? I did a search on the net and all i came up with was koni yellows for G3 integras. I saw a wicked setup that had eibach springs but again for G3. Am I looking in the wrong spot?

id also get the complete prothane bushing kit. this will really tighten up the handling.


who makes them and where can i find them?

I’m not sure but there should be a guy who sells them in honda-tech.

Your in luck. since i was in a good mood i went searching for you.


Thx man!

What do you think of this


keep on looking for a lower price or ask around g2ic. I know there have been a bunch of people who have koni yellow with ground controll. They might be able to lead you to a cheaper place.