need suggestions on oil pump replacement

just wondering if i should just bolt it to the block metal to metal, as there is no gasket for it?

There is no actual gasket for it but I would still use a thin layer of honda bond on it.

Just make sure both surfaces are completely clean and free of oil. Apply a thin layer of honda bond (or prematex grey) and then torque it down.

definately uses a thin layer of sealent. apply a even line about 1mm thick

alright sounds good. i have some blue rtv i’m using on the oil pan gasket also.

thats way too much. its not toothpaste. an even layer (what woudl look like paper on the surface of the metal is plenty. but 1mm thick is way overkill.

use gray.

are you saying gray on the oil pan also? and just curious why gray? (not doubting you just curious)

Grey is supposed to have a higher temp rating than blue if I remember correctly.

Personally I’ve used only the oem gasket and oil pan (no silicone) and never had a leak.

hmmmm ok.

what did you torque your pan to then? cause i bought a brand new pan, new gasket, torqued it to the specified 108 in/lbs or 9 ft/lbs and the gasket bulged and split and i think it still might be leaking

but i’ll look for some grey to use on the pump seal. i just grabbed blue as it said its “gasket maker” is all heh

Do you realize how thick 1mm is? Maybe you should learn the difference between 1mm and 1cm. I have always used 1mm and I have never had a leak and there is a slight trace of excess squeezed out. Which is how fasctory oil pumps are installed.

i got it done today started it briefly and no leaks. i’ll take it fro a drive tonight and see how it does.

acura told me on the oil pan to tighten them until the gasket just starts to bulge and leave it…thats all they do. so thats what i did with some blue locktite.

oil pump fixed now rear oil galley plug

well all is good so far, if anyone was curious. but looking like the annoying oil galley plug on the back of the block might be causing a slight leak. going to get it up on some ramps and check it out today.

any personal experience with this topic as far as accessing that specific plug or any recent tips?
i say recent cause everything i’ve searched and found regarding these plugs is a few years old now is all.

TIA :rockon: