need this product what and where?

okay guys my buddy has a 92 civic. So his seats have a hole in the headrest. Now he’s got these pillows that just strap over the back and cover the hole.

They’re are bloody comfortable and he has RECARO ones… but i just want anything and i don’t know what they are called.

I thought maybe… headrest pillows… or neck protectors… all i get is child safety products lol…

If anyone knows what they are called or where to get some you help is needed thanks.

There’s a bunch of neckrest pillows on ebay (some are RECARO like you mentioned), but they dont look like they fill the hole, exactly… they look more like they fit where the seat and the headrest meet, but they look mighty comfy :wink:

In case the URL above gets mangled, I did eBay search for “car seat pillow”

I have no idea if there’s online retailers of these kinds of products, I haven’t seen them on any commerce sites.

thanks man… i tried the dealerships and they don’t even carry them hehe… looks like i’ll have to get the acura ones off ebay. Thanks for the link.