Need To Fix Timing

OK, i replaced the timing belt, put everything back on, and everything back together. I positioned the arrows on the both cams pointing up and lined up the line on the crank with the arrow on the oil pump (JUST LIKE THE HAYNES MANUAL SAID TO). But now, the teg doesn’t want to stay started and it is sputtering like crazy and idling bad. :confused: When i went to put the timing belt on, i noticed that one of the cams was out of turn (ONE WAS POINTING UP AND THE OTHER WAS POINTING TOWARDS THE FRONT OF THE CAR), so i fixed it so it was facing upwards like the other one. Is there a chance that i turned the cam the wrong way and now it is not only out of time, but out of sync? I dont know. Someone help me out, PLEASE???

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What you need to do is line the white mark on the crank pulley up with the wedge on the lower timing belt cover. There are 3 white marks on the timing belt… Two of them are on either side of a red mark and the other one is about 3 inches from that cluster of marks. Line it up with the lone mark.
After you get the bottom end at TDC get your cam gears set with both arrows pointing straight up in orientation with the head. Slap the belt on and tension the belt. Once you get the belt tensioned bring it back to TDC and see if everything lines up.

Thats about it.