Need to replace Catalytic Converter

I have a 92 LS and need to replace the Catalytic converter before I smog this year.
I searched but didn’t really see the answer I was looking for…I have a stock exhaust system and just want to replace the cat but was wondering if I could use a high flow or better quality cat with the stock system? Will I need to have flanges welded on or is there a cat that can bolt right up and pass Socal smog laws?
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I bought a brand new direct fit magnaflow cat for just over 100. Its not high flow but i’m sure it flows better than stock.

Did it bolt right in? Do the universal ones work as well and are they difficult to install?

yes it did. The universal ones are just the cat, it wont come with any flanges. You’ll have to get them welded on.

I was looking on Summit and other sites and the direct fit Cats by Magnaflow say they are 49 state legal except California? I know I am being a pain in the ass but what gives? Can I still replace mine with a Magnaflow and still pass smog? I am running a stock exhaust and motor. Thanks.

I’ve heard nothing but good about the cats which SMS Products sells: I ordered a cat and all of the bits from them and I plan to weld it up myself (it will still be bolt on like stock). It’s not the cheapest route, but if you’re looking for great flow and need to run a cat it’s a great option. Oh, and they will do all the welding for you if you just tell them the length you need (I will be messing w/ the length of my header and cat-back so I wanted to do mine myself).

There are tons of good references and dyno charts available on honda-tech regarding these cats…

magnaflow cat

i may be too late but thought i’d reply anyway since i’m about to change my cat as well. the magnaflow cat should work just fine for obd1 vehicles (pre-1996) per strict california smog regulations. as long as your exhaust is all stock it should bolt right up. i found one on ebay for about $106 with free shipping. hope this helps.

Here’s the kicker now…As of Jan. 2009, California is requiring new catalytic converters on all pre-OBD2 vehicles.

All aftermarket cats sold in California have to meet stricter guidelines:

All cats will now have an Executive Order number stamped on the cat itself.

Here is a list of those that are legal:

The thing that makes me mad is that I had priced out a direct fit replacement from Magnaflow from Summit and it was $106.00. Now that the new regulations are in effect, the “new” cat is $200.00! Not for nothing but I am not made of money and now it is going to cost me almost twice as much!

I like living here in California but the CARB needs to “lighten up Francis”!!