I just signed up for this site in hope that “y’all” could give some good advice about getting some parts and what not. I have a four door '90 integra and I am looking to make my car the ultimate sleeper (very little exterior mods). I already have AEM cold air intake, B&M short shifter, gound control coilovers, and a 2" wide custom exhaust (no header yet). This is all just childs play. Now I am in search of some info. on heads, crank shafts and/or such. Preferebly I want a good well rounded brand that wont cost a pretty penny and where hell do I find this good 2nd gen stuff. I’m looking for any info. on this subject as well as anything else (other than turbocharging the damn thing) that will really get my hp boosted up. thanx for your time

hi, and welcome to g2ic

before you ask any questions, it is a great idea to use this nice search feature we have up at the top there

just type in key words and you can find the information you’re looking for; if you search really well, and still can’t find an answer to a specific question, feel free to ask

i would recommend checking out team integra
they have lots of great articles that can help you get a good idea of how to identify the goals you want to reach in performance, and then what steps to take to reach those goals

without us knowing what kind of hp goal you have or powerband you’re trying to have that horsepower in, it’s hard to say what upgrades you should start doing

as you stated you’re new to this, and you need to do some heavy duty research before you dive in because if you’re planning on making any decent amount of horsepower, you’re correct, it’s not childs play, you need to know what you’re doing