Neighbors son hit my teg :(

So looks like the idiot pulled in too wide with their Mini Van and hit my passenger front end.

I’ll be taking it to several body shops in the area for an estimate since the Mother came by and told me they would pay for it in case and not to report it to insurance else their rates will go sky high. BTW the kid just started driving last year.

Right off the bat looks like I’ll need a new right front fender, new passenger side blinker and headlight, the front bumper looks like it was damaged as well. The corner of the front hood took a hit also but not sure if they can just fix that rather then replacing the hood.

Thoughts guys on how much this will cost?


damn, that sucks

If I was in your situation I would ask a body shop for an estimate, get that amount money from the parents, then buy and fit new/used parts yourself and save the rest of the cash for a full respray. The whole car looks like it needs paint. Seems to me like there isn’t much of a point in just doing the hood and fender if the rest of the car has no clearcoat on it.

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Go to a couple body shops. I agree with what Katsumoto said. Sorry to hear about this.

I’ll probably go with this shop below since he spent a lot of time with me going over possible options based on the situation.

I hear you guys but if I collected their cash then they saw me working on my car they would know what I did and I’m sure that would make things “unfriendly” between us. I don’t need to type of BS hanging over me.

BTW this car will be going up for sale after I get this resolved. That was my intent for this year then this BS happened!! ugh

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