neuspeed and tokico illuminas?

ok i just installed some neuspeed sport and some illuminas on my teg. gave it a nice drop, just right for what i wanted. i HAD to change out because my front driver’s side spring broke. yes it broke.

ok well my brother and I installed them, the rears went on fine, but the fronts i had to order new forks because the old ones would not unscrew. well any ways, when installing the fronts there was a resonable gap between the top of the spring and what the shock mounts to on top. didnt think much of it… well i took it out for a drive and it felt just as bad as when i had the broken spring with the exception of i was getting the feed back from both sides. this dissapointed me a lot.

so the question is: should it feel like that? i mean it feels as though im bouncing when i go over a bump, seriously it bounces. also there is a very significant pull to the right, i know get an alignment. also there is a generic camber kit in the front, which im am going to replace real soon cause one of the bolts holding it is striped. it is only the front cause when i go over a bump the rear holds its on and is stable. but the front end just has no control.

should my front be bouncing? should there be a gap between the top of the spring and the thing it mounts to on top. there was no gap when the rear was installed.

the rear has the camber trick in the teg tips.

and this question is for everyone in san diego, where can i go to get an alignment? the car is lowered. i went to the sears at north county fair and they said they wouldnt do it. so where can i get it done at and how much am i looking to spend?

i will post pics of the broken spring later on this week. due to school and work. also where is the cheapest place to buy ingalls for the front?

i have finally gotten this car to where i want it both inside and have the stuff for the suspension but it just wont let me modify it without problems. from the leaky interior to timing, smog, stereo, alarm, the list goes on…

so what should i do? i really dont want to sell the car with as much as i have put into it, and it still gets really good gas mileage. at 189k+


lemme get this straight… there was a gap in between the spring the the top of the strut before you put it in your car ?? how much of a gap was there ?? when i put my s-techs in with koni sport shocks there was no gap, the spring sat snug in the casing.

yes there is a gap. its about 1/4 of an inch.

First off I think that you should do one thing at a time. You are trying to fix something and changing 2 others a the same time. I don’t mean to be harsh, I hope it doesn’t sound like that. If you have a bolt that is broken on your camber plate then you should fix that first thing.

As for the bouncing: Usually cars bounce over/after bumps then the shock absorbers no longer absorb the shock from the road. It is possible that the gap is normal. The uncompressed length of the spring could be shorter, and if this is the case then I hope that they are stuffer then the stock springs otherwise they will bottom out.

So to reiterate. Take things on one at a time. I would get the stripped bolt fixed first thing. Then worry about the bounce and the gap. Good luck

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ok well i did fix them all at the same time. the problem was when my brother installed the springs/shocks he did not put the rubber bushing that connects the spring to the mount. adding that alone made the springs fit snug! also got rid of the bouncing that i was talking about, it also took care of the road noise i dont know if i talked about.

yea so yesterday i went to town on the teg. took the suspension apart installed the rubber mount thingys (sorry i dont know what they are called), changed my valve cover gasket with the gromets for the spark plugs and the ones for the nuts to hold it down. while i was at it i did a valve adjustment, again for like the 15th time this time i made them loose to the specs and, well my engine doesnt tick as loud any more its still there but its a lot less. almost cryed cause i thought the engine wasnt on, but it purred so nice. when i was done i went and got an alignment and all i got to say is damn. suspenion is taken care of.

the ride is a lot nicer then what it was b4 i changed out the springs/struts. as you may remember i said that one of my springs was broke. yes i can feel the road, but its not the same as when your riding on a broken spring. it feels soo much safer and its great.

sorry for the really long post i am just soo happy right now that i can finally drive my car again.

now i need to save up and get a new header so i can fix my oil pan gasket leak. but thats another problem that ill post in another topic.