New Cams

Looking for any suggestions on what cams to put in my stock 91. I know about the itr and ctr cams, but I am looking for something a little more aggresive.

91? 91 what ls b16 its gsr ls v b20 v? be a little more specific i know you posted “stock” but u might have vtec if u named the itr n ctr ones…cause ctr n itr or vtec cams wont fit in an ls head as far as i know…if you want more aggresive then itr or ctr ones chek out the buddy club ones …those are serious

Sorry, it is an LS.

what are your goals? What hp are you aiming for??

Thats what I thought, but some tuners around here said that it could be done, my mistake, well than what cams should I use in an LS?

All in all I’m looking for 225-250hp!

with or without boost? your question is kinda vague and I don’t think you’re going to get many responses this way. Try doing some research on crower cams for the ls.

I checked out the crower cams, and they look like they might do it, I like the 18-20hp gains with the stage II street/strip setup. Thanks for the help, I’ll let you know how it turns out, and I will not be boostin this one, maby after I blow it I’ll boost the next motor. This one has 241.000mi on it.

With a proper build and some good tuning you can achieve 225-250 to the crank without too much trouble out of an all-motor B18A1. However, you’ll need more than just the cams and a few bolt-ons to get there. If you’re building a budget-engine, I’d start by looking at the P30 pistons, cams (which you’ve already covered), cam gears, intake manifold, throttle body, and some form of way to increase fuel (be it an FPR or FMU, even the SAFC will work). That will be a good jump-start for an all-motor build, and it shouldn’t set you back too far in the pocketbook.

umm it would be cheaper to do that kind of goal on a turbo. and alittle cheaper to. but if na is what u want then i would reccomend the jg stage 5 wild cams. or the crower 404s. a milled and ported head, a new intake manifold, type r pistions, knife edge ur crank, a good fuel system, and a really really good tune, and u should be able to hit around 200 hp. na isant cheap.

Thanks for all the feedback, I know it wont be cheap, but all motor is the way I prefer. I can do most the work and have a guy here that can do everything beyond me, but if anybody knows good tuners in the Madison/Milewalke? or Shy Town that might help.