New car{}Clutch Question-Doesnt have large range of motion

I was really apt to buy this integra, the only thing making me nervous was the clutch felt mildy tight, but not really…

…It just felt like other integra stock clutch move more, like stock might move 45 degrees (pivot) and this one seems te be like 30 degree…Does anyone understand my explaination, and have any ideas if this is a problem or nothing to stress about…

Thanks, I did try to search, many keywords.

Please guys, I might buy the car today, does anyone have any ideas, from not pressing, and pressing it to the floor, it seems like it doesn’t move much thanks

might be an aftermarket clutch, like a stage 3. them bitches are stiff, ofcourse i’ve only driven an ACT stage 3 on a hydro clutch and let me tell you it sucks in traffic, good thing it was my friends car because i wouldn’t want to drive that thing in traffic daily.

in any case ask the owner how old the clutch is and if its an aftermarket, could just need adjusment to your liking.