new clear headlight

Anyone own this new headlight from ebay yet?

wow, looks pretty good, except for the sides…hey, atleast theres no more nipple…haha

yeah i like those…JUst the sides are killing me. how much they running?200?

those actually don’t look half bad

less than $150. they have 3 kind of clear, gun metal and black. i want to get one and retro s2000 hid inside.

if it wasnt for the sides…someone should take them apart and sand and paint the sides black

Shit, those look nice. They use all stock bulbs, I’d imagine?

sick! :ohyeah:

WTF? Are those reflectors on the side???

wasn’t that RAM dood doing something like this but never produce it or maybe produce a couple if not, a base model of it

I’d imagine so. I’m not sure how legal they’d be due to the non-orange reflector.

i can’t believe they killed it with those sides :sick:

Kinda look like headlights from a JDM Type-R…

I’d get them to use the lenses.

EDIT Nevermind. They’re already done the way I was thinking. The only thing killing it is the sides. And since I just looked at them, the “chrome” ones are the better looking ones of the two. Looks like one of the next things I’m going to do aside from paint and front lip.

I really like how they look too. I’d like to see them on the car though. They remind me of the JDM headlights for the 94-97 accord.

looks like it can accomadate HID’s nicely.
the sides are hurt though.

Look again in Ebay again, There’s an all crome version too… It looks alot sweeter than those…

you know…i wonder if you can take the clear plastic cover from those ebay ones…and fit them directly onto the jdm onepieces or fit them with lil mods… :stare: