New clutch..XTD/F1 Racing?

Ok guys, the DA is in need of a new clutch. I figured that I might as well get a flywheel as well. Now I am on a tight budget, so I do want to fork out the $300+ bucks for a new street ACT clutch. I am looking at a possible 170-190 hp. I am not going to do any kind of FI or NOS(I hate NOS…). I saw a XTD flywheel with a NKK Clutch combo for a good price. I wanted to know if any you guys have exp. or know someone who has one. I also saw an F1 Racing clutch an Chromoly flywheel. Again any kind of feedback would help. I know ACT, Clutchmasters…etc would be better but I have bills an my clutch wont last much longer.

F1 Racing clutch/flywheel

NKK clutch/XTD flywheel

If you are tight on cash why not just use this one:

91’ LS clutch $189

Thanks. Never saw that site. Looks like I found a clutch now, all I need is a flywheel. Anyone ever hear of DH flywheels? Or would it be best to go with a Fidenza?

No problem. Again, if you are tight on funds, you can just get your OEM flywheel resurfaced for ~$40 at a machine shop. Since you shooting for about the same power as a TypeR, you could get the TypeR flywheel (new or used) and have an OEM unit that is ~4-5lbs lighter (of course the new one will be a lot more $$$).

Lightweight flywheels are a lot about preference and driving style. But you also have to remember that what you gain in one area you loose in another. Some of your low-end torque will be lost if you go to an ultra light flywheel. If it were my car, I wouldn’t go lower than 12-14lbs. But that is just me.

I dont want to the lose that low end power. I was looking at the DH flywheel because it weighs 12lbs. They offer one for $150, or resurfacing one you provide for $100. I dont have many machine shops out here…kinda live in the sticks.

Do you have any NAPA auto parts stores in the area? Really it shouldn’t cost more than $40-$50. $100 is a rip. A stock LS flywheel is about 19lbs if I remember correctly, so you will still loose a little low end if you go to a 12lbs. That is why I suggested the TypeR that weighs around 14lbs, and gives a “compromise”. By all means, you don’t have to buy what I tell you, I just want you to know the trade-offs of using a lighter flywheel, that’s all.

i got my flywheel resurfaced at a local car quest for like 30 bucks… u might check one of them out if u have one near by

I am probably going to go with your suggestion Wraith, use the Type-R flywheel. Can I only use a 1997-2001 Type-R flywheel or is there other years that I can put in my B18A. If so do you know any car places (NAPA, PepBoys) that have them at a decent price or a online store? Thanks for all the info.

Any B series flywheel will bolt up (maybe not the B20A1), but only the 97-01 TypeR is the light one that I know of. If you check around, I am sure you could find one.

I see at Advance Auto Parts a generic TypeR replacement is like $50-$60, BUT it is heavier than an OEM. They list it at 17lbs, while an OEM is supposed to be around 14lbs. Never weighed one myself, but I have also been interested in getting one when I get around to putting my new engine together. Several places I checked mentioned the weight difference between a stock LS fly vs the TypeR fly. If you want a new one has it for $236.

Best bet is to check around online/parts finders and junkyards for a used one, then just resurface it at NAPA or Car Quest like Integra_1990 mentioned.