New DA... again. VIN Stamped on windows, confetti seats?

So i picked up another DA (4th one) this one is like no other i have owned.

It is a 90 GS, sounds normal, BUT, few questions for the pro’s.

This car has Blue/Gray confetti seats ( Like Civic Si’s), where the key goes into the ignition, it almost goes in straight forward, rather than in side ways, and the VIN number is factory stamped on EVERY window on the car.

Just wondering, im in the US, are these how the Canadian models came, or is it some sort of special edition?

pics so we can help you

vin etching on windows is a security feature. Some insurance companies give discounts if you have that, so I’d say that one of the previous owners probly had that done sometime after it rolled off the lot.

im at work ATM, ill snap some pics when i get home. TY for fast replies so far :slight_smile:

I’ve had 4 Canadian models, but I have never seen these features that you speak of.

i want to see this ignition!

just so i dont think im crazy, can someone snap a photo on there key ignition, i mean i sold my last DA 5 months ago, so it hasnt been THAT long, but ive been driving a 2000 civic si. but im pretty sure my DA didnt have ignition like this.

a pic of my DB1s

Ok ignition was the same, lol, just forgot. here are some of the VIN pics and seat colors. hard to see but the confetti is gray and purple-ish

Sorry fr the phone pics.

I have the same seats but never seen the glass vin stamped before

seats look about the same as my gs except mine are black. the glass etching like the first response said is a security feature. if someone wants to steal it with the intention of stripping it for parts, all of the valuable glass is worthless with a reported stolen vin number. thieves see this and wont waste their time, thats the theory behind it anyways. so to sum it up, you got yourself there a perfectly normal gs with an added security feature. be sure to tell your ins company about that when you get your policy.

Looks like every other DA I’ve had. The VIN etching is a security feature about as useful as a Viper security sticker without the alarm. But it should get you a discount on insurance with it. Won’t really deter theft though.

Yup GS seats. Etched VINs now that is a first.:think:

i had those seats in both of my previous gs tegs, da and db as for the vin etching like mentioned it is the security feature, usually just as option when making the purchase at dealer, as far as i know, some dealers still offer this feature today