New engine instead?

i was talking to someone at school about me adding stuff to my engine to make my car faster, i have a 91 ls, i had asked earlier about adding cold air intake and such. he suggested i just save up for a new engine, is this a wise idea? i mean the body of my car is in excellent condition, looks brand new, so should i get a newer engine? what engine should i get? what will fit? how much will it cost? where do i get it?

Ima help u out a little bit bro before u have to hit the “search” button. Depending on how much u looking to spend, any b-series engine will fit in the teg such as b16(Si motor) or b18c(GSR), those are the most common. You just gotta look around for a good deal. If u know the basics of swaps and set it up right u should be fine.

Please search next time, although this is a somewhat broader topic…but still…

anywayz, here ya go.