New guy checking in from the pnw

Just picked up this 1993 ls special, it’s ugly and the suspension needs work but it ahould be a fun car. Already threw some volk ce28n 15x6.5 with 205/50 kumho tires. Currently the car is on ebay lowering springs which are far too tall and soft for me so those will be going away for something stiffer, just not sure what yet. Ordered camber kits front and rear along with all new tie rod ends and poly trailing arms bushings so that I can get the car to drive righy. New on the to-do list is to kill all the rice. Found a new hood, and tailights alrwady, working on getting some straight doors that lock and unlock correctly lol. Anyway I will throw up a build thread once I start getting parts in and on. For now enjoy the pics

I commend you for rescuing that car! I would have walked away. What’s going on with the valve cover :smiley:

No clue what up with the valve cover. The car lokks a good bit worse than it drives, will be a fun car once my new alignment parts get here and we sort a few small things under the car. The valve cover will probably come off either next Tuesday or Wednesday to get painted on my days off as well as done so basic engine bay clean up. After building a show winning toyota starlet over this last summer this car makes me twitch but it will be a fun autocross car and daily driver. Going to throw a quick rattle can and clear paint job on it once I have decent panels so it looks like a normal car again, currently torn between black, white and dessert tan.

Heres a pic with the volks and neo chrome lug nuts on

everyone has to start somewhere. Decent second generation Integras are getting hard to find. To put I into perspective for a high school kid to find a G2 now would be like me trying to find a 68 Camaro in 1990 when I graduated. And our cars have very little aftermarket support for body panels, seals, trim and interior.

I seem to be doing okay on the stuff I really need to find body wise. Should be headed to get some fresh doors tomorrow with working lock which will be nice haha. Did score a mint we of 50/50 tailights which are going to look way better then the stupid euro tails that are on the car :clap:

Congrats and welcome!