New Head And N2O

What are the advantages if any to swapping a 94+ LS head on to the 90-93 B18 block?

Now I know nothing about running N2O on the B18. What should be done to protect the engine from damage? Of course N2O will damage the engine over a long course of time. I would run N2O after I/H/E, cams and cam gears. Would larger injectors be good?

What are you opinions of the Zex 75HP Shot Kit?

i wouldn’t go any higher than 75 on stock internals. if you plan on using it often, or just as a safeguard for the future, forged internals (mainly rods, type r pistons would be plenty for 75-100, they’re pretty damn strong) would be a good idea. Eagle rods are on sale at but i can’t look right now at the exact price because they don’t have good servers and can’t handle all their traffic. i think they go for a little under $400 for a set tho. if you want USDM pistons are on ebay being sold by a user named mcaz for a buy it now price of $220 with rings. i got some .25 overbored pistons from this person and i highly recommend. very good seller, very quick contact, and awesome service. not to mention hella fast shipping. :wink:

I’m highly consider droping .25 oversized JDM R pistions into the block to replace the stock ones. Not only because there old but because it will also raise my cr a bit. Therefore giving me more power.

agreed. i wouldn’t go much higher than 10.6 or MAYBE 10.7 with nitrous tho. too much compression with nitrous is just as bad (actually prolly worse in the long run) as with turbo. like i said i got the US R pistons just 'cause they were a little lower compression for the b16. i should be around 10.5-ish with my 100-shot direct port and that’s all the higher i’d recommend. with a smaller shot you MAY be able to get away with a higher compression but i wouldn’t risk it.

So run USDM R pistions with the N2O, not a problem.
How much do Eagle Rods cost would Crower be cheaper?

How bout the ZEX kit? opinions?
Also advantages to the 94+ LS head on 90-93 block?

as far as ls head swaps go i really don’t know too much, ask mango i think he’s done it.

zex kits are great if you aren’t planning on being a heavy nitrous addict :stuck_out_tongue: has eagle rods starting at (i think) $365, i know that it’s right around $400 a set for all b-series. my b16 rods are like $375-ish, dammit i wish importparts had better servers and i could actually get on right now. stupid place can’t handle all their traffic.

If you’re on AIM i’m there as CFVMBONE hit me up.

Zoomintegra, thanks for the help. I’ll cheap around on the rods.

Anybody know about the 94+ LS head to 90-93 block? E-DA9?

new head & n2o

I believe the 94 and up ls head have a better flow,
I’m not 100% sure. But if you are interested in a set of eagle rods and srp 81.5mm with total seal rings, I let it go for $800.00 plus shipping.Btw they are brand new.
For more info email me at