new header... need chip?

Hey everyone…
I discovered this site a little while ago and i’m a big fan. lots of help searching for problems. anyway… here’s my question.
i got a 93ls auto a couple months back…
the mods ive done are:
msd cap/blaster 3, 8.5mm msd wires, bosch +4s, aem sri, 2.5" cat back…
so the next step is to throw some headers on. my roommate says that, in his car, a camaro, that with headers you need a chip to get more fuel in or else it won’t be the right mix, i’m not sure if that’s right or not, but i want to know if i get headers on there, do i need to do any chipping to allow for more air or fuel or whatever, or will the headers/catback by themselves be enough?
also, which engine do i have, i see all this ‘b16a’ stuff, but im a total newbie and am trying to learn as much as i can. also, is 2.5" too big?
alright, sorry for the multiple questions and long post!

you have a b18a1 non-vtec motor. a b16a is a vtec motor - its whats in like a '99 civic Si.

but no, you dont need a chip. all you should do after you install the header is reset the ECU so it can re-learn all the air/fuel mixtures and that type of shit. i’m not sure on a 93 but on my 90 i just pull the ‘hazard’ fuse under the hood for about a minute, put it back, start the car with NO accessories on(such as heater, a/c, radio, lights…) and dont push the gas or brake just let it be.
then just let it warm up to normal operating temperature. then turn the car off and you’re ready to go.

oh and 2.5 exhaust is kinda big for a stock motor with bolt-ons, but it should be fine. you’d be better off with 2.25 though


oh and its a ‘header’, not plural like you wrote ‘headers’

just a warning - a lot of people here dont like that term and will complain about it :bow: