New Here.

Well, guess I will introduce myself.

I’m new to the forums, and I currently have a DB1 Sedan.

It’s been like that for its life right now, I haven’t taken the time to repaint, it has some little negligent problems on the body, and the car is suffering (like most of its generation) from the cooling fan problem, and the Alternator’s shot. But other than that, it’s not a bad car.

not bad man welcome to g2ic. how much did you purchase the car for?

Got the girl for a thou, apparently, it had a horrible carfax as I thought, but hey, it’s a neat find, well, except I don’t have a deck and my front passenger window’s starting to be slow lol

haha yea when i first bought my car it had an altenator problem. I bought mine about a year ago and everything running cool.

another sedan! if you think your car is bad you can swing by my running log, its right under your thread when you go to the general forum, and see how bad i got it, lol.

Yours is better than mines though XD Mines had barely moved from its spot on the drive since :frowning:

i meant condition wise i’m pretty sure yours is in better shape. why has it been sitting?

The alternator/fan issue. Presumably the sensor went bad and caused the fan to continuously run till the battery dies, which then caused the alternator to work more harder to charge the battery, and yeah.

I’m thinking of getting it this…

Is that ok or rice?

Rice x100 on the headlights. Now the bumper lights ill go with. Just save up the money you were going to spend on those headlights and use it to get some authentic JDM 1pcs.

Those are 1Pcs… And the cheapest with the Amber fog lights… 82 Dollars… Compared to a pair for 120…

Yea ebay 1pcs. I meant actuall jdm 1pcs. They say there jdm 1pcs but there not. Look at some threads here and youll se whats the diffrence between actuall JDM 1pcs and Ebays version of JDM 1pcs.

Heres a link of some REAL JDM 1PCS that someone is selling here hope this helps:

You mean like that? It looks allright, but it just has that little reminiscence of the USDM ones.

Also, that car was long sold, AFAIK.

Yes thats them. Alot of people have them on here but hey you dont have to get em if you like the other ones then its ok its your car. I was thowing my opinion at you.

It’s cool. Just helps to identify the actual JDM pieces, since I may think of converting the car to JDM specs instead… Before getting the body checked at a local body shop.

nice welcome to the family, i just picked up my db1 last year for 500 bucks in really rough shape but its turning around, its almost back on the road, check my thread out if yah want

whats your plans for this db?

Sweet, a Washingtonian. B)

Getting the body fixed, then the temp sensor because of the fan/alternator, new stock seats (Driver’s has a huge rip), Stereo, Reemz, and you know JuRican’s ride? Like that. Well, not being a 2-door.

nice, what temp sensor you need ive got alot of sensors and a parts DA let me know

should chill at a meet sometime soon

Y’know the one that controls the fan, right? It’s that one. And how much? lol

is that the one on the side of the head?? take a pic and i dig around

the ect switch is on the back of the block for obd0 engines which the OP seems to have. otherwise on obd1 engines its on the thermostat housing.