new here!

ok maybe im not… i don’t even really recognize any of these screne names here. ANYWAY, been debating on picking up another G2. sold mine a couple years ago, and lately ive been getting itchy again. went to look at one earlier today and im kinda interested. bone stock, with 69k miles. downfalls were a couple of small spots of rust, and check engine light on(wont rev past 3k).

after selling my DA i bought a truck, dirtbike, and street bike. thought id have a lot of fun on the street bike, but the roads here suck and i kinda just miss having a fun car. the DA is still the only car that catches my eye.

decisions decisions

68K miles? must be rebuilt. and the check engine light, might want to look more into that. What is its price?

Nah its all original miles. All stock down to the original motor. Asling 3500 negotiable