new master cylinder install question

this weekend I am going to be putting in a brake master cylinder and 2 new front axels I already know what to do for the axels just dont know what to do about the master cylinder, have anyone do this or know where I can find instructions

First thing to do is to get the right size line wrench. I belive its a 12mm but not 100%. Then get something like a turkey baster and suck all the fluid out of the old master cylinder and remove the resivor. Now you can get to the lines to remove them. Remove the two nuts that hold the master cylinder to the power brake booster. Now give it an easy pull till it breaks the vacum of the booster and it should come right out. If you have the stuff to bench bleed the new master cylinder do it before putting it on. If not then put it on opposite the way you took the old one off. Fill it with brake fluid and have someone watch the bubbles come out of the resivor while you pump the brake pedal. Keep doing this till all the air bubbles are gone. Vary your strokes on the brake pedal from short to long. This is a long tiring process. Once all air bubbles are gone you bleed your lines.

found it!!

Good ol search found it. Now to find somebody to do it for me! Laterz!