New member, hello G2IC!

Just picked up a DB1 last year from an old Korean lady down my street with 170k miles. As I suspected the interior was immaculate, save for a small tear on the driver seat by the door. The exterior and paint definitely need some love, given it was parked outside for a majority of its life. Still, it’s not bad considering she’s been driving around OC with its copious amounts of terrible drivers. This car got me into working on old Hondas and exploring the junkyard with my dad. I think that’s my favorite part.
Looking around for information and help working around the car, I always heard about G2IC. I was bummed when I saw the forum wasn’t online/active for a while. Beautiful page photo holding the site up for the while tho and seeing that G2IC was in the works to start up again, gave me hope.

She’s currently in the shop, since I don’t have any tools to work on it myself. So I’ve been investing on that. Piston rings, some valves, and the head gasket needed to be replaced. I’ve been going through junkyards to pick through other DB1’s and got some clean side moldings, and some small interior stuff like the air/AC vents boxes if they were broken. She’s also getting a manual swap as well so I’ve been grabbing parts for that as well. I wanna try to keep this car as OEM/OEM+ as possible.

She’s my daily driver atm between two jobs, so progress will be a bit slow. One day I want to own a DA9/DB2 as well.

Glad I can make my first post on here now.

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Welcome! I feel ya on the slow progress. I’ve been in that boat for years.

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