NEW appreciated


my name is Josh.

and i love DA’s.

i had a 93 LS for my first car.
and i recently purchased a 91 LS local.

iam looking for advice / help.

im thinking of going turbo.
but iam not sure on either to rebuild the LS (its been swapped for lower miles)
put a vtec head on the ls
or just do a complete swap.

i dont need drastic numbers. but i would like to get close to 320 or so.

i plan on making it more a aggressive street car.

i will post pics as soon as i get a camera


so i plan on running boost.

what needs to be done in order to make the turbo as reliable as possible?

i plan on rebuilding the LS and getting it properly tuned.

is there any other mods/parts that need to come after?

what turbo would be best?

i wanna make around 320+whp

is that possible on the LS? if i rebuild?

If you have questions about a turbo build, post in the Forced Induction forum. General Discussion is not for technical questions.

And use a more detailed thread title.

HAHA, welcome to the jungle:wave:

might as well use this thread to post some pics and tell us what youve got:up:

haha yeah.

will post picks ASAP.

i wont have the car for another 2 weeks maybe.
My court date got pushed back and it will be stuck where its at till i pay for it,

but yes sorry mike. i should change this to a build thread. i might have a couple pictures.

this is a local G2ic members old DA. he now owns a Red DB2. he has a pic thread on here cant remember his username off hand.

ill post the pics i have soon

heres some pics i have currently.

pics are pretty much how it stands now.

and dont mind the chopped off CF intake?
my grandpa is kinda slow i guess lol.

yeah i was/is pissed about it.

interior is nice!
cant wait to post better pics all around.

sorry for small pictures




nice car. read through the force induction section. there must be at least 10 threads on the first page about boosting ls’s.

thanks man.

I’m pretty sure I’m keeping the LS.
and just rebuilding it.

i have major plans for this DA.

i cant wait to get started.

I’m not sure on how long it will take to get to my goal.
its clean inside and out. i know of one minor dent on passenger door i believe, nothing major.
and everything under the hood looks pretty clean.

I fell in love with this forum instantly.
i cant believe how much i learned here.

need to put it to good use:giggle:

looking forward to tring to entertain you guys

any advice/tips are more then welcome.

more pictures in 1-2 weeks.

i had a stock ls with only arp headstuds and made 300whp 292lbs-ft torque. it’s definitely a good engine to turbo.