New Member Here!

Whats up g2?? I’ve been lurking around for a couple months. finally decided to introduce myself… i picked up this DA in Oct/Nov? from a friend for $1200… 91 rs with 127,000 and minor rust. i believe I’m the the 4th owner?? lol

When i first got it:

then most recent pics with some meshes:

front meshes came off so i can take the paint off of them. soo far all ive done is put the different rims on it but this next week im getting my suspension then buying parts for when spring gets here! Let me know what you guys think.


Whats up man? Welcome to G2IC. Its nice to see another new New England member. What are your plans for this thing?

im jealous …lol fresh rs but yea welcome

welcome man. clean car. and im diggin the tint, makin me want to go get some:)

Hey welcome!! nice RS reminds me of mine when i got her minus the snowflakes. good luck with your build what are your plans anyway

yeaa thaks… i think it looks better with the snowflakes so i might put them back on… this is my DD so for the future suspension, rims, and get it repainted. im still in schol so im learning as i go along.

Welcome! :smiley: lurking around just like I did eh? haha. Good luck with the build and keep us updated :smiley:

lol yeaa i was too lazy to make an account…but i finally did… but yea i put in new axels today… old ones were soo beat lol…

cant wait till i get it re-painted.

Welcome to the site. Good to see another MA guy in here. The car looks like its in pretty good shape. If you need any help or parts just let me know.