New paint...still needs wet sanded and buffed

have at it, needs wet sanding and buffy but im waiting about a week for that

dosnt look like a DirtyDA to me :up:

nice, did you paint it in a garage or in a actual booth ?

im in process of painting my car as well just as a nice base coat of primer at the moment…trying to figure out if i can paint it with some real paint in a homemade booth with some heaters or if i should just paint it with 50$ paint job method and wetsand the shit out of it for now !

It was painted in the garage right behind it, I preped it my roomate sprayed it, and thanks lol your right its not so dirty…we also painted my other roomates bmw 325I we painted it emerald green we did it right in the driveway

looks good!

what kind of paint did you use ?

really nice.

paint the front grill black tho

dupli color in pints, i got it from my work, and we are going back over the moldings and front grill, im just gonna tape off the whole car lol, we blacked out the jams too

and thanks for the positive feedback


looks good

very nice, thanks for the info man…

post pics after wetsanding !

will do!

did you get this thing wet sanded yet ?

no been to busy

did you use any reducers or anything in the paint ? or just spray it on and leave it !!!