New Petrol and Revulcanize Tires Please

I know, this is not the right forum, but the crowd in this one seems better to me somehow. What pump gas do you guys like? I know, it may change across the states due to variant refineries and processes, but in this part of Texas, I swear by Esso-Mobil 93 Prem. It is the best. Shell makes my car stutter, at 93 pump grade, and all the others, the spotties and all, have something to learn yet from Esso. Anyway, any ideas/comments are appreciated. Petroleum engineers out thier, set us straight if you want. What’s the story?

i use 89 octane at 76… cuz i work at 76…

I use Unocal 91 and add VP 100

If I can get Rocket to send me a 55G drum and a pump, I’d be down for that.

Am I the only one that honestly can’t tell what brand gas is in my car? I put 87 in my stock B18A and I use whatever brand is on the corner where I run out…

That’s because you have an 18A. Bump the compression up and you’ll know right away when you put Shell or Chevron in.

Ah. I figured as much.

:werd: :up:

of course we don’t have either around here. who owns them?

91 at chevron. wish we could get 93 here in CA. :sad:

Me too man, I think I’m going to blow up the house one day mixing my own 94

Chevron Rocks :burnout: