New Pistons and Rings

I wanan up the compression a tad, but I ahve NO idea what tos tart with for pistons and rings, what are some good ones you guys would swap into a 90 LS motor to up comp a tiny bit and gain some power?

things you need to consider:
-price of pistons
-price of the installation
-how high of compression do you want to go?

I’d recommend some form of oem honda pistons, they’ll be a lot cheaper than aftermarket. Go here: to help you choose what would be best for you.

Right off the bat not really knowing your specific case i’d recommend some pr3 pistons. They are very abundant, pretty cheap, and will give you a modest compression ratio (10.8:1). But like I said…i’d need to know more about your specific situation to make a more educated suggestion.

ya I wanan be around 10. like I said, i don’t really know much about it… trying to learn engine internals still… so Pr3 are jsut B16A pistons then. B16A1 or B16A2 or 3? is there a differnce? also awhat about psiton rings? jsut OEM honda/acura repalcment of the oens i got now would do right?

Would the pistons sit right on my B18A rods etc just like normal?

first off…there isn’t such thing as a “b16a1” what you mean is a 1st generation b16a, which came in jdm and out of the US civics and tegs from 89-91.

pr3 pistons come in:
89-91 jdm b16a’s
b16a3 (this is the usdm dohc vtec del sol motor)
b16a2 (this is the usdm 99+ civic Si motor)

the 92+ jdm b16a’s came w/ the p30 pistons which are slightly higher compression.

Any b series vtec rings will fit fine (non vtec rings may fit as well…i’m not positive about that). Yes, the pr3’s will fit your rods perfectly. The only honda pistons that will require you modify your rods will be any b18c or b16b pistons.

what type of setup are you going for here? if you’re going all motor then why stop at 10:1? I’d say go as high as your pump gas will dictate (with a buffer zone of some type…at least i’d recommend that).

Ohhh oaky taht makes snse. ya I’m gonig all motor. the highet gas octane we can get here is 94. what I wanan eventaully do si finsih my ehxust from header and back, then do the head itnernals like crower 62403 cams and matching retianers and valve springs… then eventually intake mani and bored out throttle body then pistons after taht… as you can see, iw ana go all out in the end. :stuck_out_tongue:

if you wanna go all out, and you can get 94 octane, then you’ll definitley want to run higher than 10:1. 10.8:1 is a good place to start, but i’d go higher. I’m currently running 11:1 on 91 octane…just for a reference. do some research and see how high would be for sure safe on 94 octane, its probably fairly high.