New Radiator and Fan

Hey guys i have been having my Da for a while now and i started to notice that my radiator has a hole on the bottom and it leaks all my water out i bought a new half size radiator and fan all aftermarket but the thing is i have no clue what fan is which and what to connect the new fan to does anyone have pictures or advice you can give me.

the fan on the left for your full size rad is the radiator fan, while the one on the right is for the air conditioning i believe.

correct the driver side fan is a condesner fan. If the fans you are using are aftermarket jobs you may beed to cut the connectors off, crimp a couple blade connectors on and from there you connect blue to blue and black to black. The blade connectors make it possible to use the OEM harness plug.

Just curious, but why a half size radiator? Unless you have a turbo manifold that would make a full size radiator not fit you are kinda putting yourself at a cooling disadvantgeā€¦ especially out here in Cali ( if you were to ask me that is)