NEW Ride Height

Excuse my rather poor example of a G2 right now.

Just put my new coilovers in, its very very hard ride but hey its not a daily driver.

What do ya think of the height??

I think you have a little more to worry about than your ride height.:think:

Are you having your car painted gold?

Yes its going to be painted that yellow/gold colour.

You can see the finished product in 3 weeks I promise :wink:

Oh BTW that pic has no interior apart from drivers seat. So its gunna get a bit lower with kit, interior and lights back on :smiley:

Those wheels are crazy huge. Post pics when done, looks like you have a lot of time into it already.


Yep those are 18" Advanti Racing Stilleto’s. I have pretty much all the car sorted for a car show here in about 3 weeks.

The interior is being done as we speak, the rest of the car will be painted next week. Then putting all the bodykit and accessories back on.

Still waiting on DA8 rear door handles, wanted to shave em but maybe do it later :wink:

P.S. Yes its an XSi would never have it any other way…

can’t wait. :up:

Originally posted by BWDOWN
18" Advanti Racing Stilleto’s

18" and racing dont belong in the same sentence

Yeah, that’s true on an Integra. Look at BMW M3’s…19’s baby. As long as the wheels have >45 series tires, and brakes to fill the wheels, then its all good.